Get Help With Wording

Get Help with Wording

You have found the right invitation, announcement or holiday card, but you are at a loss for the right words. Our complimentary online wording assistant will help you find just the right words or verse. In our design center there is a "Get help with Wording" link that will get you started. Simply select a category and occasion from the list and fill out the information appropriate for your event or announcement. When finished, click the "Suggest Wording" button and our wording assistant will provide a variety of options from which to choose. Just, select the one that best compliments your theme or personality. Once you have made your selection, your wording will be added to your design. Please review your wording to ensure that all information is correct. Now it is time for you to apply all of the custom elements such as font, font color, size, and spacing to get it to look like you want.