Affiliate Network is the premiere online provider of fine stationery, invitations, gifts and accessories for every life event. We offer over 20,000 designs from more than 85 of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Why should I join the Fine Stationery Affiliate Network?

  • Up to 7% commission on all sales
  • No minimum monthly payout
  • 24 hour a day tracking of sales and reporting
  • Dedicated affiliate management
  • Largest and most exclusive stationery store online - offering over 20,000 products
  • Enhance your site by providing a service to your visitors - expert help and outstanding customer service
  • Secure and highly rated website
  • Offering stationery for all life events - a good fit for many sites!
  • Email Updates on the latest promotions, best sellers, & more.
  • Wide selection of best converting text links, banners and ability to create custom graphics

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The Affiliate Agreement will answer many of your questions, but we've covered some Frequently Asked Questions below. Our goal is to make the program simple and effective to maximize sales results for you and Fine Stationery.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a business-to-business partnership that allows companies to refer customers to our site and earn a commission for the sales created by these referrals. Affiliates are sometimes referred to as Publishers.

Why should I join? What’s in it for me?

With the Affiliate program you can earn up to 7% on every sale that is referred to us from your site. You will also receive commissions on every return sale from the same customer within the next 30 days of their first visit!! We give you the best opportunities to earn the commission from your referrals!

Does it cost anything to join?

This affiliate program is absolutely free to you!

How do I join?

Through our partnership with Rakuten, it is quick and easy to apply to become an affiliate. Click the link above to join and upon your acceptance into our program, simply place text links and banners on your site and start earning money immediately!

What is involved after I join?

After application approval, you will receive an email containing your username and password and detailed instructions on how to begin pulling our links and text.

Will you provide me with banners and graphics to use on my site?

We will provide all banners, graphics, textual links and other marketing support. Once you join and receive your username and password via e-mail you will be able to login to your Rakuten account to receive all the images and codes you need.

How do I know what I have sold and the commissions I’ve earned?

Please see the earnings requirements/thresholds for each of the affiliate programs. Typically affiliates are paid monthly as long as they meet their minimum requirements laid out in the program they join.

When and how often do I get paid?

You will be paid monthly by the affiliate program of your choice when your commissions exceed the payment threshold laid out in the program.

What products count for commission?

Every one of the over 3,000 fine stationery products sold at count toward earning commission unless we agree otherwise in a special program.

What about product returns?

If a customer referred by your site returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud, we will deduct from your account any commission earned on that transaction.

I have more than one URL, can I register each of them?

You can register more than one URL as long as they are separate sites/companies and all of the URLs do not point to the same site or business.

Can I use content from on my site?

The entire site is protected by copyright and all of the products shown on our site are protected by our vendors' copyrights. You will have to contact us for written approval before you can use any portion of our site graphics or content anywhere on your site. You may use all images and links provided within your affiliate program.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Join Now - It's Free & Easy!